2200 Silverbirch Court

Has Now Sold...

Discover Exactly How We Did It - And How You Can Do The Same With Your Home Too

2200 Silverbirch Sold

Our unique Home Sale System was used to sell this home and get the following results:

Sold In

11 Days

Firm Price


No.Of Viewings

Over 20

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Here's The Exact Process We Used Sell This Home And Can Use For Yours Too



Our 7 Step Preparation Process

  • Full home inspection to identify potential issues

  • Staging consultation and plan for maximizing staging in a way that would allow the owners & their family to continue to live in the home

  • Professional photography and image editing to best position the home in all the marketing and advertising

  • Neighbourhood & market research to position the home


Using A Marketing Agency

  • Professionally designed and built brochures and 'for sale' sign from scratch

  • Professionally designed built and coded website - built from scratch and unique to the home

  • Professionally curated, edited and produced video in order to virtually promote the home

  • Professionally produced brochures, flyers and even business cards - to show off the home in print


Full Scale Advertising Campaigns

  • Google Ad campaigns, SEO and marketing to promote the home in Google & online

  • YouTube Ad campaigns and video ads to drive views of the virtual tour

  • Facebook and Instagram buyer capture - as well as video advertising campaigns

  • Press and media promotion to get the home featured in local media and news


Buyer Follow Up To Get It Sold!

  • SMS, voicemail and email marketing drip campaigns for interested buyers

  • Buyer and Agent follow up & nurturing campaigns to make sure no-one gets missed

  • Conversations with over 212 interested buyers to promote the home

  • Negotiation with serious prospects, offers and legal paperwork

All Completely Done, Paid For, Set-up And Executed By Our Team - With No Effort Required By You

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We'll give you a FREE proposal giving you: an estimation of your home value, how we can sell your home hassle free and get the best possible price

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This All Sounds Good And Quite Fancy... But What Exactly Does This System You Mentioned Do??

Everything we do isn't just talk - we actually do work that will help sell your home for a great price...

Here are the exact stats and marketing results we got for this home:

Over 5,038 virtual tour video views on YouTube
Over 18,853 video views on Facebook and Instagram
Over 515 visitors to this website from Google

All Of This Resulted In Over 20 Showings Booked, The Home Selling On Schedule And At A Price The Owners Loved!

We Can Do All This For Your Home Too - So You Can Get An Amazing Price & Sell Your Home Easily...

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At End Of All Of This, What Did The Home Owners Think?

Don't just take our word for it - hear from the owners of this home about their experiences working with us and how the felt about our unique Home Sale System:

Julia Howse and Curtis Batten

My husband and I could not be more satisfied with the job they did selling our home at 2200 Silverbirch - we are very happy with the price they got - the whole process was smooth and relatively stress free.

- Julia Howse and Curtis Batten

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